Safety & Training

The only thing more important to us than quality is safety. Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We’re so obsessed with safety that we’ve developed our own written Safety Manual, based on OSHA standards and extensive real world experience.

Keeping employees, customers and their belongings safe is a responsibility we take seriously. And we ask for your assistance and attention in this effort by mentioning situations unique to your home and by helping to keep small children and pets away from ladders, tools and window components.

Your home has been viewed in person by a member of our management team, prior to the start of work. Any areas that may be of concern will be addressed in the written proposal you received, under the Safety/Pre-existing Damage Section of the document. In the rare instance when a safety concern has been missed during the estimate process, we ask for your full cooperation and understanding as we work together to resolve the issue.

Unless otherwise instructed by you, all windows, screens and storms will be left in the full locked position after cleaning is complete. If we unlock a door during our visit, we’ll lock it before we leave. We ask for your help in checking security issues as we begin wrapping up the project (re-installing window components).

Every member of our team uses identical cleaning techniques. This standardization ensures that every customer gets a quality job every time.