Window Cleaning & Screen Cleaning

Let Estate make it Clean&Easy for you!

Our procedures ensure a neat, clean experience each and every time. We clean windows in and out, wiping frames and sills. Our proprietary methods and cleaning agents, developed over our 40+ years of service, guarantees unmatched results. Call on Estate to clean windows and screens in homes, businesses, sunrooms, greenhouses and more.  We specialize in hard water stain removal.

Our Promise:
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Fully Insured & Bonded
Quality, Trained Staff
Deep Respect for Your Home/Business

Window Cleaning:
Includes removing/replacing window components, and interior/exterior cleaning unless otherwise noted on your proposal. Exterior cleaning includes the window frame and sill. Interior cleaning includes wiping down the sill and sashes. A “military style” cleaning of tracks, nooks and crannies is available upon request. Routine window cleaning will not remove construction debris, paint, silicone, artillery fungus, hard water stains or overspray from waterproofing or pest control services. Several types of built in storm window inserts are difficult to notice during the site visit. “Remove, clean and replace storm windows” will appear in the Scope of Work field when storms are included in the quote for window cleaning service. Our team will do their best to work around furniture and other obstructions, we ask that you remove small breakable items from window sills and surrounding areas.

Screen Cleaning:
We have three different screen cleaning techniques based upon quantity and weather conditions, all of which do an effective job of removing dirt and debris from the screen so that it doesn’t quickly migrate onto the glass shortly after the windows have been cleaned… Our standard practice is to bring the screens street-side and rinse them with our soft wash system, or a light duty electric pressure washer. We’ll also use a free-standing brush easel powered by a garden hose. We can also clean and dry the screens on a drop cloth inside your home if the weather is brutal, there is no outside water supply, or if there are only a handful of screens to be cleaned. Screen cleaning may not be possible if the screens are threadbare from sun damage, or if they’ve been trapped in their frames after a building has settled. Your Crew Lead will address concerns, as soon as they are discovered.

Techniques Include:
Hand Cleaning
De-ionized/RO water systems

Maintenance Plan
Estate offers a “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Maintenance Plan, designed to fit your needs, wants, budget and standards.  No more having to remember to call. As an Estate Preferred Customer, you get the services you need, delivered exactly when you want them.

Luxury Makeover Bundles:
After a service call, customer often say, “I wish I knew you guys did that too!”  In addition to providing an exact quote for the services you’ve selected, we’ll prepare a quote for a Luxury Makeover. Our menu of services is available upon request, should you need them now or in the future.

Our Projects Include:
Homes of all Sizes
Office & Government Buildings
Apartment & HOA Complexes
Schools & Colleges
Convents & Religious Institutions
Hospitals & Assisted Living Facilities
Museums & Hotels

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